Herman Witkam is one of the new breed of cinematic composers. Not only does he write all the notes but he also performs many of the instruments heard in his scores. Working as a film composer since 2005, Herman Witkam has already established a long list of credits, including composing for over 100 features, shorts, television series, TV and radio ads, games, corporate films, events and theater projects.


Since age of 8 Herman has been composing and playing woodwinds, improvisation being a key part of his composition process. While in music college, he discovered the mournful sound of the Armenian duduk and got into contact with Arthur Grygorian, who built the instruments for legendary musician Djivan Gasparyan (Gladiator, Blood Diamond). Soon after, Herman started playing instruments from all over the world, like the Japanese shakuhachi and Native American flutes. Using these in his scoring work along with innovative composing techniques brings to the screen a different kind of musicality.

Sjoerd Limberger

An unmissable part of the team is talented young composer Sjoerd Limberger, often collaborating as a co-composer of additional music, sound designer, musician or recording engineer. As a composer, Sjoerd has worked on projects such as the innovative tech thriller 'App', the 'Mees Kees' films and 'Painkillers'.